Best Podcast Episodes for Horror/Weird fiction fans of August 2018

September 6, 2018
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Disclaimer: These picks are 100% subjective and based on my personal taste. I don’t generally listen to fiction podcasts or podcasts with discussions about book/short stories that I haven’t read. Also, I might miss an episode or haven’t yet discovered a great podcast. For the podcasts currently in my feed, click here.

Books in the Freezer Episode 22 – It’s the End of the World as We Know It πŸ”—

Apparently it’s the end of the world, so this might be the last episode of Books in the Freezer β€” and all other podcasts in existence. If it is, this is a great episode to go out with. The hosts Stephanie and Rachel create an excellent rapport with their guest PT Hylton, and discuss a wide range of post-apocalyptic books. The books they go over sound AWESOME, so have your Goodreads app out. At the end of the show they also have general book recommendations and give each of them a scariness rating: room temperature, fridge, freezer. I read Jack Ketchum’s The Girl Next Door on their recommendation, that was giving a scariness rating of “In the fridge.” Well, that book scarred me for life so I’m definitely curious about what it takes for them to put a book “in the freezer.”

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Miskatonic Musings Episode 222 – Zapf Dingbats (w/ Jon Padgett) πŸ”—

This episode features an interview with Jon Padgett. I hadn’t heard this podcast before, and I can’t believe it was off my radar until I saw that Jon posted the link on his twitter. The hosts have a good sense of humor and interviewing style. I enjoyed learning about Jon’s friendship with Thomas and body in hearing about his process editing Vastarien. An interview with Jon is a pretty good indicator that a podcast episode will be worth listening to, and if you haven’t read Vastarien yet, stop everything and pick up copies of the issues. It’s one of the most innovative horror and weird fiction journals currently available.

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Lovecraft eZine Podcast – Jeremy Robert Johnson πŸ”—

This episode, the eZine boys deliver a wonderful discussion with author Jeremy Robert Johnson. I loved hearing about Johnson’s work and I’m excited to pick up some of his books in the future. They also discussed a range of other topics, including indie vs traditional publishing.

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This Is Horror Episode 225: Kurt Fawver on The Known vs. The Unknown, Cultural Anxieties, and The Paranormal πŸ”—

I’m trying to keep these posts at a max of three episodes, but This Is Horror really makes that tough. I’m pretty sure one of their episodes will end up on every one of these monthly posts. This episode Michael and Bob interview Kurt Fawver, who wrote one of my favorite pieces in the first issue of Vastarien.

They discuss Kurt’s interesting family life and his beginnings as a horror reader in a family that didn’t accept the genreβ€”while still believing in the paranormal, ghosts and cryptozoology. They also discussed his experience focusing on horror as an academic, and how the genre is viewed by other academics. This episode and its subsequent part are definitely worth a listen.

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Did I miss any great Horror/Weird Fiction related podcast episodes last month? Would you add any to this list? Let me know in the comments.

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