Horror Podcast Round Up for the Week of 4/22

April 30, 2018
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If you know me, you know I’m a total podcast junky (I made a post listing my favorites here). So, I decided to put my obsession to use and give you some highlights and recommendations of my favorite horror podcast episodes of the week. This is a bit of an experiment, and I’m not sure if it’s something I’ll do every week or ever again. Let me know in the comments if you liked it or found it useful, so I know if it’s worth the effort.


Know Fear Cast – Interview with Paul Tremblay

Paul Tremblay tweeted a link to this episode of the Know Fear Cast, a podcast that was somehow off my radar until now. I’d just finished reading his book Head Full of Ghosts and enjoyed it, so I was excited to listen to this interview. The hosts discuss with him about his inspiration, his work, ambiguous horror, and his influences like Shirley Jackson and Joyce Carol Oates.The episode ends with a few book and film recommendations.

I really liked this quote from Paul about the inspiration for his upcoming novel Cabin At The End of The World, and it made me look forward to the book even more. It’s a really interesting approach.

“I really don’t like home invasion stories as a rule. I definitely don’t watch them all. I tend not to enjoy them when I do. I think they can be really sort of easy and cheap and . . . depend too much on sadism. And the characters tend to be empty and you’re just there to watch the violence. I’m not being totally fair, but these are sort of the worst examples which typically Hollywood produces. And that got me excited. How would I write a home invasion story that I would want to sit through?”

– Paul Tremblay

Another highlight was learning that he’s working on a short story collection called Growing Things and Other Stories. Some of the stories will have connections to Disappearance at Devil’s Rock and Head Full of Ghosts, including a story that takes place after Head Full of Ghosts where Merry tells a Merry/Marjorie type of story to a fan at a convention. Yay, more Merry!

Episode | Patreon | Paul Tremblay

This Is Horror – Kristi DeMeester – Part 2

In part two of this conversation (part one is highly recommended as well), Bob and Micheal talk with Kristi about her creative process and anxieties around writing. They also touch on a recent drama on Facebook about lack of representation in horror, and Bob goes on a mini-tirade about the excuses that editors make when they don’t have a diverse group of authors in their anthology. It’s peak Bob!

Episode | Part 1 | Patreon


People’s Guide to the Cthulhu Mythos – Reading 37: The Dunwich Horror

This episode offers a LibriVox recording, read by Mark Nelson, of H.P. Lovecraft’s story The Dunwich Horror. The Dunwich Horror was the first H.P. Lovecraft story I read. The story is a pretty good introduction to Lovecraft’s work because it kind of teases at the larger mythos of his writing. But I personally struggled with the phonetic spelling of dialect in the dialogue, it broke the immersion for me and kind of drove me crazy. However, that’s not an issue as Mark Nelson does a great job reading it.

Episode | Support

The Other Stories – Toast

I’d listened to an episode of The Other Stories (not to be confused with the other The Other Stories!) a while back and didn’t like it, but I kept the podcast in my feed because it features stories from many authors. This week I decided to give it another chance and I’m SO glad I did, because this story written and narrated by Luke Kondor is absolutely brilliant. It’s not exactly horror but it definitely has horrific elements. I’ll say no more except that it’s a must listen!

Episode | Patreon

Misc. Inspiration

Stuff to Blow Your Mind – Evolution and the City: The Beasts

Overall I love this podcast, the hosts expertly lead you down the rabbit hole of an interesting subject, and it’s great for inspiration. This episode was about how animals are evolving to live in our cities. The hosts start by comparing humans to ants and our cities to ant hills. Soon after, they introduce myrmecophiles, insects that have evolved to mimic ants and invade their colonies, and compare them to the alien in John Carpenter’s The Thing. After leading with that example of creatures who’ve evolved to thrive in another species’ artificial environment (the ant hill), they describe how different animals have adapted, evolved, and mutated to life in our artificial environment of the city. Fascinating stuff!

Episode | HowStuffWorks

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