4 Podcasts for Horror and Weird Fiction Readers

March 27, 2018
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This Is Horror

This is Horror is my favorite podcast. Michael David Wilson and Bob Pastorella interview Horror and Weird Fiction writers primarily about their work and life, but nothing is off the table. Michael and Bob have a gift for putting their guests at ease and allowing them to open up. The resulting interviews are insightful and fascinating. They’re also incredibly dedicated to their fans and are always looking for ways to improve the podcast.

Recommended Episodes:

TIH 148: Jon Padgett on Thomas Ligotti, Writing Lessons, and Impostor Syndrome

TIH 172: Nadia Bulkin on Growing Up in Indonesia, Demon Myths, and Socio-Political Horror

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Ladies of The Fright

Ladies of The Fright is a new podcast, but it quickly became one I look forward to most in my feed. It features discussions on Horror fiction, and interviews with people in the Horror fiction community. Lisa Quigley and Mackenzie Kiera create a fun and casual atmosphere that makes the podcast a joy to listen to. Their recent series of interviews at Stokercon were fantastic and I hope they continue to do interviews as a regular part of the podcast.

Recommended Episodes: 





The Outer Dark

The Outer Dark is from the This is Horror network, so you know it’ll be good. It’s the best place to hear interviews and roundtables around Weird Fiction.

Recommended Episode:

TOD 030 The State of the Weird 2018, A Roundtable Discussion featuring David Davis, Helen Marshall, Stephen Graham Jones, and Sonya Taaffe

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The Horror Show with Brian Keene

The Horror Show features news about the horror fiction community along with its interviews. Brian Keene and his co-hosts don’t shy away from the tough topics and it’s the best podcast for staying updated. WARNING it can get intense. They also touch on the Weird Fiction and Bizarro genres.

Recommended Episode:

Episode 160 – ROSE O’KEEFE

Episode 155 – THE BLACKLIST

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All of these podcasts are free, so if you enjoy listening to them consider showing your support by pledging on Patreon or reviewing and sharing. Are you a podcast junky like me? What are your favorites?

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