The Truth About Kendra Temples

Hi Y’all,

If you’ve been playing close attention, you’re aware that Kendra is a fictional character as well as an alter-ego. However, when she first came out, I presented her as real — with a realistic portrait made of composite edited photos.

I’m Eve Harms, the creator of Kendra Temples. I’m transgender and, before I made the decision to transition, writing as Kendra was a way to feel safe presenting as a woman, and having an escape from being myself. I also thought it would be fun to put a fictional character into the real world who presents her life as real. But as I went on, I felt that it was dishonest and restricting. Now that I have finally begun my gender transition, I realize I just want to write as myself. Even though it’s terrifying!

I’m no longer going to write under the Kendra Temples pen name. Though writing as her is fun and her voice flows through me naturally, it has always put a barrier between me and my audience, and making friends with other writers and people in the horror community. I never felt like I could speak from my experience or relate to other people.

However, Kendra is NOT going away. She will still live on in my fiction. I’ve been hard at work on the sequel to The Secret Name and it will come out early next year (if you want an early review copy email me and I’ll put you on the list). And she may even make an appearance in my mailing list every once in awhile. If you want keep up to date with me and my writing, please join my new mailing list (you will also get the free Kendra origin story The Cornfield Creeps). You can also follow my new twitter and instagram, both are @eveharmswrites. I will be deleting all of Kendra’s social media and her website shortly.

If any of you feel betrayed or deceived, I understand. But I hope you’ll want to follow and interact with the real me. I look forward to having a more authentic relationship with y’all and taking my writing to the next level. If you have any questions, send me a message, I’m an open book.

Keep it freaky,